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Lakewood Chevrolet Partnership with Gord Bamford

Lakewood Chevrolet is proud to announce an exciting partnership with the acclaimed country singer, Gord Bamford. Together, Lakewood Chevrolet and Gord Bamford aim to celebrate the enduring bond between country music enthusiasts and the enduring dependability of Chevrolet trucks.

Like the lyrics of a classic country song, Lakewood Chevrolet strives to convey reliability, passion, and a sense of belonging to our customers. We see the road as a stage where every Chevrolet vehicle, like a well-composed country melody, tells a story of dependability and resilience. In partnering with Gord Bamford, we aim to create an experience that transcends the drive, offering our customers a journey filled with the timeless tunes of country living and the enduring performance of Chevrolet vehicles.

Gord Bamford Partnership

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