• THE 2024 All-Electric EQUINOX EV

Revolutionary and Reliable

The 2024 Equinox EV Available Fall 2023!

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Key Features:

  • Available 17.7″ display screen
  • Hands- Free Start System
  • Wireless charging
  • Available Presence-Based Liftgate
  • Heated front seats, steering wheel, mirrors and windshield.
  • Front LED light bar
  • Capacity to fit five


Home Charging

Plug in at home with the standard 11.5 kW level 2 (AC) charging capability, which can add up to 54 km (34 miles) of range per hour of charging, per GM estimates.

On- The- Go Charging

Plug into a DC Fast Charging station with capability up to 150 kW to get up to a GM-estimated 112 km (70 miles) of range in just 10 minutes of charging.

Navigation to Charging Station 

Equinox EV can direct you to one of over 85,000 publicly available charging points in Canada and the U.S., while the Energy Assist App, when paired with a data plan, can help you plan the most efficient routes and even pay for charging on the go.


First Ever Super Cruise

Allow yourself to enjoy those long and scenic trips with the new first ever Super Cruise. The Super Cruise feature uses Adaptive Cruise Control and precise cameras, sensors and LiDAR map data to accurately detect driving performance. Super Cruise additionally uses Driver Attention System to monitor head and eye positioning- Please maintain close attention to the road when using this feature and always be ready to take action. Steering Control is needed when there are unusual driving conditions such as construction, merging into traffic, exciting highways and when making a turn, approach a stop sign or other traffic control. Super Cruise is included for a 3 year term, after which an eligible paid Connected Services plan is required.

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Reverse Automatic Braking

The Rear Automatic Braking feature gives ease anytime the vehicle is put into reverse. This system uses Rear Park Assist and short- range radars to detect a crash threat. When a potential threat is detected, the system will project a low-tone beep and issues two seat pulses on both sides of the Safety Alert Seat. If the driver does not respond, the system will automatically brake the vehicle to avoid a collision. Always check your surroundings and always be ready to take steering action.

Sporty, Stylish & Safe

The 2024 Equinox EV supports various lifestyles and needs. The decorative sporty details, to the advanced safety features, to the spacious and versatile cabin, this electric vehicle is sure to check all the boxes!

  • Sporty & Sleek Design Features

  • Luxury Interior Design

  • Comfortable Cabin Space

  • Up To 300 Miles of Electric Range

Interested in the new Electric Equinox? Contact Lakewood Chevrolets Ev Specialist Team today!


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