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Preferred Pricing


Preferred Pricing

How does it work?

Eligible employees of Preferred Pricing companies have the opportunity to receive the best price.  You can save even more by combining this discount with our other offers. 


Who is eligible for Preferred Pricing?

Current Canadian employees (all active hourly and salaried staff and their spouses) of eligible Preferred Pricing companies can take advantage of the program.


Which vehicles are eligible?

Almost every Chevrolet car, SUV, crossover, van and truck are eligible.  However, some models/trims may not be eligible.  Please contact Mike rebus @ 780 440-8729


How can I pay?

You can purchase, finance or lease an eligible Chevrolet with Preferred Pricing.


What do I have to show to get my discount?

To get your Preferred Pricing discount, you will need to present proof of employment.


How long to I have to keep the vehicle?

To be eligible for Preferred Pricing you must register the vehicle in your or your spouse's name and keep the vehicle for at least 6 months and 12,000 km.


Am I eligible?

Click the link below or contact Jim or Mike @ 780 462-5959

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