Chevrolet Bodyshop Edmonton

Do it right ... Choosing A Body Shop Focused on Serving You

You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the body shop of your choice. You decide which body shop repairs your vehicle, not the insurance company. Properly repairing today's complex vehicles requires more expert knowledge and specialized equipment than ever.

We have:

  • Experienced GM technicians;
  • GM equipment to do the job right;
  • In house GM trained Mechanical technicians to complete any mechanical work required;
  • Preference for using genuine GM parts for your repair; and
  • A mission focused on customers: Completely Satisfied Customers

Lakewood Chevrolet Body Shop stands behind our workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other repair issues feel free to call or stop by and talk with Rob (Ph: 780-462-5959) or email

What To Do After An Automobile Accident

Stay calm. If vehicles are not movable or a law has been broken (impaired) call police at 780-423-4567. If anyone is injured call 911.

  1. Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses (before they leave).
  2. Get the license plate numbers of the other vehicles involved (before they leave).
  3. If safe to do so, move vehicles out of the way and exchange information.
  4. Have vehicle towed to Lakewood Chevrolet Body shop. Call Rob at (780) 462-5959 if you require any further assistance.

You choose your repair shop, not the insurance company. It is the law. Take it back to your dealership where they know your vehicle and have the original GM parts. Be prepared. Print a copy of our Accident Checklist and keep it in your car or pick one up the next time you come in to Lakewood.

'Loss of use' insurance coverage

Make sure you have "loss of use" coverage on your insurance policy. (S.E.F. 20).

This pays for a rental replacement vehicle when you make an insurance claim. The cost is minimal. Call your agent to inquire.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other repair issues feel free to call or stop by and talk with Rob. (Ph: 780-462-5959)



"Take your new Chevrolet to a Ford body shop"
That just doesn't make any sense. Lakewood knows your vehicle best and we have the parts.

According to law you have the right to choose your repair shop and the insurance company is required to inform you of that.  Bring it back to your dealership. Do it right.

"We can't guarantee the work done at Lakewood"
Lakewood guarantees our work for as long as you own the vehicle. What is wrong with the shop they are sending you to? Does the insurance company have to guarantee the work because the shop won't? If the shop will then the insurance company is deceiving you. Why guarantee the work of a shop that guarantees it's work ? Insurance double speak?

"We want you to go to our preferred body shop"
They can fix their own cars at their preferred shop, you fix yours at your preferred shop Lakewood Chevrolet. If there is a disagreement do you want the shop on the insurance company's side or on your side? We work for you, the preferred shop works for the insurance company! The law says it is your right to choose the repair facility.

"Lakewood might charge you more or extra bill"
We repair your vehicle as per the insurance company's estimate just like any other body shop.

"You won't have to pay for betterment or depreciation if you go to our preferred shop"
Just call us and we will match any "incentives" your insurance company is offering to get you to go to their preferred shop. Is it worth it if you end up with non-GM parts and a compromised warranty?

"Quality Replacement Parts (QRP) are just as good as OEM GM parts"
GM does NOT warranty any non GM parts. If your vehicle is still covered by Factory Warranty I recommend you use only new OEM GM parts for any auto body repairs. Keep your GM a GM!

"Quality Replacement" or "Aftermarket" parts are cheaper and often don't fit as well. It is easy for the insurance company to say they are just as good, they don't have to install them or modify them to fit. These parts are great for when your vehicle is a little older, off warranty and you want to save some money.

Call Rob @ (780) 462-5959 or e-mail if you have any questions or auto body concerns.


Yes it is, it is really free! Let me explain:

I have been the Body shop Manager at Lakewood Chevrolet for more than 25 years. For almost 22 years we have been doing a monthly tour through Parts, Service and Body shop called "Customer Care Night" for all our car sales customers. That has given me a lot of time to observe trends. Here is what I have noticed:

Customers would come for the tour, tell me I did a good job and then say to themselves "I don't ever want to see this guy again."

The only reason they had to see me was if they were in a car accident. After a year or two of avoiding me they completely forgot about me.

If they were in an accident later and phoned their insurance company they were told "We would like you to go to our preferred body shop".

Well it isn't hard to see what happened. Off to the preferred shop they went. I was losing my customers because they forgot about me.

(Preferred is in italics because these shops are preferred by the insurance company, not the customer).

A way had to be found to get people to remember me. Singing or dancing at Customer Care Night would just scare people so that wasn't the answer.

That's when I came up with the wonderful idea to do free paint chip touch ups.

Up to that point if you wanted your paint chips touched up you had to go to the Parts department, buy your own bottle of paint and do the repairs yourself.

Often that led to a trip to the Body shop to get the excess paint removed and reapplied by me. What an opportunity! Solve two problems at once.

Help people with their paint chip repairs (without having to redo it) and build a relationship with Lakewood customers.

The year was 1996 and we have been doing free touch ups ever since.

At the time I told my boss, "I've got this great idea. Within a year everyone will be copying it."

Well it is 20 years later and we are still the only Body shop that offers free paint chip touch up repairs.

That doesn't mean it was not such a great idea, just that other Body shops don't get it.

Customers love having this service and it does help us to stay in contact with them.

They get a better looking vehicle and less chance of rust. We get better customer loyalty and stronger relationships.

Most Lakewood customers now tell their insurance company, "That's okay, Lakewood is MY preferred shop."

It is your right to choose who repairs your vehicle.

Free Repair Estimates While You Wait

Get your free repair estimate completed while you wait. Don't accept an appointment weeks away for something that only takes a few minutes to do. We can likely have your car repaired before some others can schedule you in for a quote.

Remember, you say where your vehicle is repaired so don't let your insurance company direct you to a shop that can't look after you in a timely fashion.

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