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With over 80 years combined automotive experience at Lakewood Chevrolet we can provide you with outstanding service for your business.  From small independent businesses with one or two vehicles to corporations with large fleets we give you the personalized service and expertise your business expects.

We work closely with GM approved up fitters, our own licensed technicians and local trusted after marketers to make sure your vehicle is equipped to do the job safely and efficiently.  All while looking great and protecting your company image. 

At Lakewood our commitment to your business doesn't stop with the sale.  We are here to provide quick and "done right the first time" service.  You can't afford to have your vehicle tied up for repairs so we offer GM licensed technicians, detail shop and body shop if your vehicle needs any "straightening"!

Registered fleets may also be eligible for extended power-train warranty!

Please give either Jim or Mike a call for all your fleet inquires.

Mike Rebus - Fleet Manager   

Email: mrebus@lakewoodchev.com





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